A Blog Post for the Season

Back in September, you may remember that I posted an entry about a trip that took me through Goderich.  This was just after the tornado devastated the community.  Very hard hit was The Square and the housing and businesses nearby.  I took some pictures and posted the complete set to my Facebook account.

Of particular sadness was a picture of The Square and the courthous which just got clobbered.  All of the trees that used to make for a beautiful setting were destroyed.

I still can’t look at the pictures without emotion; I had spent so much of our time at Goderich in my youth.  I was planning to take another trip up Highway 21 recently but plans fell through so I haven’t been back since the summer.

I’m a real fan of Heather Durnin and what she’s doing with her Wingham students.  It was great to catch up with her at this year’s Symposium where she talked about her Idea Hive and the connections from her class to another in Manitoba.  In fact, I was able to help her presentation along with some technical lending.

These days, in education, we need good stories.  I received a notice of a new post to Heather’s blog this morning and hopped over there to read it.

What a story!  In a story that could have ended badly and everyone would understand, it takes a wonderful turn.  It’s a great education story.  It’s a great story for the season.  It’s a great story about the quality of people in Goderich.  I won’t tell you anymore – you need to visit Heather’s blog and read it for yourself.

1 thought on “A Blog Post for the Season

  1. Thanks, Doug, for your continued support and sharing the story of those affected by the tornado. As you mentioned, there are so many caring people that enabled this story to end as it did.

    May you have a wonderful Christmas season with your family and friends.


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