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I’m really picky when it comes to calculators.  I’ve had a number of them over the years but, by far, my favourite one was an HP-21 that I bought while going to university and studying mathematics.  What was special about the HP-21 was that it used RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) logic to solve expressions.

Thanks, HP Museum

I still have this calculator tucked away for memory purposes.  The battery has long since given up the ghost and I have no idea where the charger is anyway.  But, lightweight and powerful, it lasted me for years of calculations and was the source for inspiration for many a computer science problem to be solved.

A separate calculator is really a thing of the past in today’s world.  With an iPod or iPad or smart phone, you just get an app.  I’ve played around with many but broke out in a big smile when I downloaded and tested HiCalc Pro.  I stumbled upon it when it was offered for free instead of its regular price of $.99.

It’s not just a calculator – it’s 11 calculators for the iPad.  And you can bet that I’m smiling because the scientific calculator features an RPN layout!

The calculators are all fully skinable.  In this case, I’ve used a leather look.    I was totally impressed with the Unit Converter.  It converters virtually anything to anything else! Cooking? Electric Current?  Permeability?  Velocity?  Weight?  In fact, there are 113 categories.  They’re all there, loaded and ready to go.

Graphing, solving equations, finances, and so much more.  If it could somehow be loaded into a calculator, it’s in here.  Even a tip calculator!

If you’re looking for a good calculator – actually, good calculators – you need to check this one out.

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