This week in Ontario Edublogs

What a week to recover from the ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario) Conference and the Minds on Media Saturday.

It was awesome to attend the conference after having to miss out last year.  It was so good to see old friends and make new ones.  Even though we are in contact via Twitter on a regular basis, there’s just something so special about continuing the conversation face to face and to go out for dinner and keep the discussions going way late into the evening.  In Ontario, we are so fortunate that this annual conference serves as a meeting place for so many of us to learn and share together.

I had a nicely filled room for my “Web that Works” presentation and had a whale of a time taking on Zoe’s blue team in the “ECOO Web 2.0 Faceoff”.  Armed with hockey sticks and Zoe, confused and carrying Diana’s light sabre, we dueled it out.  There were so many good sessions – really good sessions – and discussions but you just can’t attend them all.

Thank goodness for Ontario Edubloggers … they filled in the gaps when you couldn’t get to a desired session or provided insight to those who were unable to attend.  Browsing through the Livebinder revealed some great thoughts about the conference.

For those readers who were at the conference, I hope that you can refresh your memories of the event and smile.  For those who weren’t able to attend, enjoy the read and I’m sure that the bloggers would appreciate questions or comments on their blogs.

And, as a bonus, check out the Flickr images from some of the shutterbugs who were in attendance and tagged their images accordingly so that I could find them.

The Livebinder for Ontario Edubloggers is located here.

The Scoopit Page for Ontario Edubloggers is located here.

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