Response to @Shareski’s Meme Bait

IFTTT was a hot topic at the recent ECOO conference.  I had good discussions about it with @royanlee@pbeens, @zbpipe, and @danikabarker.  In fact, I looked up during the Minds on Media event on the Saturday and noticed Danika in front of her SMART Board giving a demonstration of the resource to her group.

I’m a sucker for automating things and have been messing around with IFTTT for a while now.  Recently, I shared a couple of my uses of it on this blog.

Like good learners, we were continuing the discussion about IFTTT and Will Richardson jumped in asking for some exemplars for use and the conversation kept growing and caught the interest of Dean Shareski who then wrote a post that he called IFTTT Meme and tagged a bunch of us to share what we’re doing with it by blogging around it.  I’m interested to see the results because, with the collective wisdom, there could be a bunch of terrific new ideas generated.

So, here’s how I’ve been messing around with it.

This was the routine that I created to backup my Diigo bookmarks to Evernote.  For a full explanation, see the blog post referenced above.

This allows me to keep tabs every time someone mentions me on Twitter.  Their Twitter names become tags which is wonderful for tracking back every message from a particular person.  As you may know, Twitter search doesn’t always go back far enough.  It does rack up a bunch of messages, I’ll admit but it was awesome to check out the messages from ECOO.

This is a neat way to shoot favourites over to Evernote for later reference.

The dog has gone on strike and refuses to tell me what it’s like outside.  Just a silly one.

This one I call my Digital Identity protection program.  Tag me on Facebook and I get a copy of the image in my Dropbox.  The original image may get deleted from Facebook, but I’ll always have a copy.

Thanks, Dean, for starting this little meme.  I’ll tag the same names that Dean did to look for some more inspiration.

If you’re using IFTTT, then please chime in and provide some great ideas as to how this powerful tool can be put to use.

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