Websites that should make you go Hmmmm…

At the fabulous Minds on Media event on the Saturday following the ECOO Conference, I had a station of my own which had been named “Cultivating Your PLN” by the organizers.  Essentially, the plan was to help people get up and running on Twitter, a refresher on how to use the basic functions and to get people connected with others.  There was actually quite a lot of that.  I got to meet a lot of new people, answer some questions, do some demonstrations, and hear how others were planning to use the social media service.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

But, what good is a learning network if you can’t ask questions…so we did some work with Google Maps, Google Earth, WordPress, IFTTT, and so much more.  Thankfully, I had created some resources for these things and was able to bring them quickly and easily into the conversation.  Then, I got stumped.

A gentleman came up and indicated that he was working some web literacy into his Grade 5 class and wanted some examples of “fake” websites that he could have his students analyze.  He indicated that he knew of the Martin Luther King website from talking with someone else but wanted more.  We shared a conversation about the concept behind that website and agreed that we would do our best to not promote it by referencing it or linking to it or anything that would help its quest to be high in the search results rankings.

But, I knew that I had a small collection of resources that I had used in workshops myself and had put them together in a web resource that I called “Websites that should make you go Hmmmm…”  In fact, I could have sworn that I could have laid my hands on ii in an instant but when I browsed the web to where I thought that it should be, it wasn’t.  Fortunately, though, the Internet Archive had it easily retrieved.  I decided to bring it forward here and to make a separate page on my PD Wiki so that it’s easily found in the future.

Sites that should make you go hmmmm…

Would you accept research that quote the following sites? 

Some tips

Some Help

Do you have any additional sites to add?



  1. Brilliant list Doug! I’d add some of the April Fool pranks that companies have posted in the past – my favourite is Google’s “Google Motion” press release.


  2. Doug,

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am taking EDM310. I really loved your list. I know that you were having a bit of fun, but this definitely shows that teachers need to really teach their students how to find reliable information and websites. Especially, when it comes to their school assignments.

    I thought I would offer a suggestion. I don’t know if this site really should be added to your list, but I just can’t imagine riding down the same highway with a bunch of people who learned how to drive online!!! Would you want to?

    Learn to Drive Online

    Thanks for the laugh,
    Kathy Zoghby


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