Managing your presence

Back in May, I had started experimenting with SocialBro as a way to manage my Twitter account.  I used to still fire it up at least once a week to see the activity surrounding my account.  It’s interesting to do things like find out who unfollowed you or get a listing of your new friends or any of a number things.

I don’t use that program any more.

Instead, I now use the Google Chrome application – SocialBro!

Yes, they’ve taken all of the goodness of the original program and stuck it right in the browser.  I really like things that work from the browser and don’t require switching to another application.  SocialBro just opens in a new tab and from there you can analyze your account.  There are a great deal of choices.

Now, I’m absolutely the first person to admit that I’m not using this utility to its greatest possible function.  Every time that I open the application, I find something new to explore.  Some is serious; some just brings a smile.

Like, I’m being followed by a carton of eggs…

But, back to serious…if you’re interested in having a dashboard for your social life, install this extension into Google Chrome, click synchronize and start analyzing.  If you’ve got a classroom Twitter account, you have all kinds of data and material for analysis and inference activities.


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