Better than the Original

A while back, I had written about my experiences with Pearltrees.  My post was called "A Jewel for Collaboration".  For demonstration and to keep, I had created my own Pearltree for my digital footprint.  I really found the whole process so easy to work with and the resulting tree was something that was nicely navigated.

How could anything be easier to work with?

How about an iPad application?  Yep!  A nice, new addition to the iTunes store is waiting for you to download to your iPad.  It has all of the same functionality of the web-based application for related curations but the ability to tap through the trees makes it so intuitive.

After a download, I decided to check it out.  I logged in and the application now has access to my account.  I open the document that was previously created.

The interface is a faithful reproduction of the web.  I checked out some of the resources that I’d bookmarked before.  Just tapping once on a pearl opens a thumbnail; tapping the thumbnail opens the original site.  Very cool.  The embedded webpage has a back link correctly labelled to take you back to Pearltrees and a forward link to take you to the next pearl in your tree.

I enjoyed that even better than the original!

Next, I decided to check out the serendipity factor.   At the top of the screen, there’s a link to let you explore related interests.  I immediately thought "This could be dangerous"!  The related links offered a number of suggestions including one that immediately caught my interest – "Effective Learning".  It sprang open the following curated by zaphodbeeblebrox.

From here, I leapt on "Born to Learn ~ You are Born to Learn". 

Pearltrees has quick links to let you share the resource with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, via email or to make this a favourite of your own.

As I played around with this application, I really liked how intuitive it was to navigate and share.  One of the complaints of the iPad is that it isn’t necessarily as powerful a creation tool as a conventional computer.  Pearltrees will challenge that and you may find that it’s even better than the original.

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