Troll Blaster

I got a new follower on Twitter yesterday.  The user was @emobisoft.  I won’t tell you what I thought the user was but like any new follower, I checked out this account.  It’s a software development firm.  Interesting…I checked a little further and this firm was from Montreal.  You’ve got to love a Canadian startup.

It turns out that they have developed and released an iOS game called Troll Blaster and, in their stream, there was a redeem code for it.  Typically, these redeem codes are either gifts of software or a chance to preview a package.  Either way, I figured that I’d give it a try.  I submitted the redeem code and got the message back that it had already been redeemed.  Sorry about your luck, Doug.  Out of curiosity, and to let them know that the code had expired, I sent a direct message.  I figured that would be the end of it.  Not so.

Within five minutes, I received a direct message back with a different code and an invitation to try out their game.  Well, my motto has always been “cheap is good but free is better” and I downloaded the 10MB file and shot it across to my iPad.

I fired it up and thought – uh oh, I’ve seen this type of game before.  You know the game with birds and pigs.  But, this was different.  Right from Level 1, there were no gimmes.  The puzzles that are presented are similar but harder.  As I started to work my way through the levels, I realized that we were indeed operating at a new level.  Now, there may be some that will talk about using an application like this in science classes – because of parabolos, I guess.  It’s just fun and problem solving takes on a different level.

Speaking of levels, there are 64 of them to tease you.  The graphics are beautiful and the sound really adds to the game.  Like that other game, you’re advised to do a pinch in so that you can see the entire stage for any particular level.  Like that other game, you have a number of weapons with varying effectiveness.  There’s a cross-bow, a couple of cannons, and something that looks like it could be a grenade launcher.  I haven’t got far enough into the game to know what it does and what damage it will do.  And, like that other game, you only get about enough weaponry to solve the puzzle.  Unlike that other game though, you’re not locked into using the weapons in any particular order.  Select the one that makes sense and go ahead and use it.  Just that function alone adds so much more strategy to the game.  If you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan, you’ll understand the concept of strength and why sometimes you need to attack a troll more than once to knock down the life, shown in a green/red bar over top of each troll.

So, I’ve been addicted to the game while watching the baseball game last night.  It’s a really well crafted game.  Kudos to the developers; I think that you’ve got a real winner here.  Had it been to market before the other game, it would be wildly successful.  I hope that lots of people who have either solved the other game or become bored with it give this one a shot.  It’s more strategic and at $.99 a bargain.


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