IFTTT and Evernote

After my post yesterday, there was some interest in the IFTTT service so I thought that I’d share another example of how you might find it helpful.  In my original post, I explained how I used IFTTT to backup my Diigo account by following the RSS Feed and creating a new entry to Evernote whenever I bookmarked something new.

Evernote has become my #1 place for most everything, it seems.  Whether I’m online, offline, on a computer, on a portable device, the Evernote app has so much of my notes and records that I would like to archive.  Whenever possible, I like to automate things so that I’m not physically doing all the work whenever possible.  So, the marriage of IFTTT and Evernote for Diigo backups was a natural.  I also received a premium account with the LiveScribe pen that I got over the summer so I’m extra motivated to use it.  But, a premium account isn’t necessary to do this job.

So, that establishes Evernote as a place to pull things together.  Are there other ways that IFTTT can really shine?

I want to share an example – this may or may not be directly applicable to you but it sure helps me.  How many times has someone sent you an @ message on Twitter that you really remember but are challenged to go back and find it.  Twitter’s search seems to have its limitations and has its good days and its bad days.  It’s no longer a problem if you do something as simple as setting IFTTT up so that all of your @ messages are sent to Evernote.  Once they are there, they are quite easily searchable or found by applying a filter.  In fact, Evernote gives a really nice selection of filters.


If you can’t find it with these tools, maybe it wasn’t mean to be found!

Here’s how to set it up.  First you need accounts on both Evernote and IFTTT.  You then log into IFTTT, which will require access to Evernote,  and then create a new task.  You’ll be presented with a screen that looks like this.



The blue and underlined “this” is just screaming to be clicked so go ahead!


Each of the icons represents a “trigger” that IFTTT knows about.  You want the Twitter icon.



Look at all of the options that you have. In this case, I would select the trigger “New mention of you”.  But, look at all of the others.  Another intriguing one is “New favorite tweet”.  Imaging having all of you favorites put together in one spot rather than having them open to the world on your Twitter page.  Or, perhaps you’d like a list of your new followers.  Or, …

When the condition is met, what do you want IFTTT to do?



Like before, click on “that” and you’ll have a listing of services that can perform an action if the condition is met.  In this case, select Evernote and then tell it what you want to do.




You have some options.  Decide what you want to do.  I like the concept of the link note.  You’ll have the opportunity to customize just what happens during the post – I’d advise sticking with the defaults until you understand how it’s all going to work and then save your task.



Magic truly happens.  Just go about using Twitter as you would normally, but now whenever someone mentions you, the mention not only goes out on the Twitter stream, but you have a copy nicely tucked away in your Evernote account.  And, this copy is nicely filed away in its own folder automatically.

The process of setting up these tasks is very easy.  In fact, as I type this blog entry, I realize that I could have created a dozen tasks in the time that it’s taken to type and format this.

There are huge amounts of data floating around the internet that you may find a purpose for.  I really like the ease and functionality of IFTTT and Evernote to pull it all together.  Give it a shot.  If nothing else, you’ll be creating a personal archive of your content.  That’s not a bad start.

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