Backing up Diigo

This is not intended to cast anything disparaging in the direction of Diigo.  It’s a great service, I store virtually everything that I find as internet resources to my Diigo account for reference later on and it’s also the default search engine in my browser.  I also make it publically available to anyone who cares and Diigo creates a post to this blog somewhere in the wee hours of the morning – I think around 1am if I understand my UTC conversion correctly.

I’ve got a lot of information tucked away there.  I started in the whole realm of social bookmarking way back using Backflip – now since departed and another link that’s dead – then moved to Delicious and then to Diigo.  All three are great services, each having their own values.  My current procedure when I find something bookmarkable is to send it to Diigo which has a lovely little routine that sends a copy on to Delicious.  I figure that way I have the same content on both services should anything go wrong.  And, a Plan B does involved downloading a full copy of the bookmarks so that I have them stored locally.  I must admit that that part isn’t done nearly as faithfully as it should be.  I also periodically create a BlogBooker of my entire blog so that I have it all in one spot.

All was working fairly smoothly until last week when the new Delicious came online.  There are a lot of really nice features – BUT – and this is a big but for me at this time, the API has either changed or is no longer available to Diigo.  So, while I’m still using Diigo’s excellent service, I no longer have a automated backup online.  It’s a little unnerving since I make reference to this quite a bit.  What to do? What to do?  In the Diigo set of tools, Delicious was the only place that they offered automated posting.

I played around with a couple of options that work nicely.  One was to create a new blog (or actually a blog that I’ve got that I haven’t used in some time) and send the Diigo posts there.  It works nicely.  But, I wanted to do something a little more elegant and so I thought about Evernote.  Could I just send my content from Diigo to Evernote?  I decided to see. This calls for a service like IFTTT!  (If This, Then That).

I log into my account and start to poke around looking for a way to create an automated task to do the deed.

Ironically, the automatic triggers includes Delicious and Zootool but not Diigo.

What to do now?  What to do now?

Ah, RSS feed.  That’s the ticket!

Now, it’s clear sailing.  I’ll just pick up the RSS feed from the Diigo page, and set up a new task.

Smooth as silk.  With the first post, IFTTT creates a folder in Evernote to file away the link notes that are created every time the RSS feed says there’s something new to tuck away.

I’m resting easily now – online backups are now in place in case there’s ever a problem.  And, who knows, it may be that Delicious will come back with a way to be a player in this field again.  For now, I think I’ve got my bases covered.

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