New Blogger Designs

The web is ever changing as new technologies and new thinking comes along.  As end user, we’re the beneficiaries of this innovation.  May it never end!

A while ago, WordPress created a special theme for serving up blogs in WordPress to those using iPads.  It is very cool and does look incredibly modern.  Well, Google has upped the ante for those who use the Blogger platform.  They’ve introduced new ways to design your blog and they’re calling it Dynamic Views.

The promotional video looks very nice.  But, what does it look like in real life?  I turned to my friend Paul Cornies Quoteflections and tried out the various designs.  I was very impressed with the results and captured some imagery as I tried the various designs available.








Now, I’m not a user of Blogger anymore, but if I was going to try on one of these for size, I think it would be “Sidebar”.  It’s probably a shortcoming but I like the conservative look to it.  For Paul, on the other hand, he includes a Wordle in each of his posts and I think “Snapshot” would be a great way to present his material.

According to the blog post at the Blogger Buzz site, this is what you can do with you get creative with CSS3, HTML5, and AJAX.  I like what they’ve done and could see students being very motivated to write and even teachers who have classroom blogs doing a makeover to give this new modern look.  Just as long as people are motivated to write and share instead of confusing design with content.

So, if you’re running a Blogger blog, what do you think?  Will you switch and use some of the dynamic design?  Or will you stay with the other layouts that are available to you?

For us WordPress users, hopefully this will inspire some more innovation that we can use for our blogs.

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  1. Hi Doug, I have two Blogger blogs so I might switch one of them over. The problem is that if you have sidebar widgets with links to affiliate products, your social networks or recent posts, they disappear with all of these new views. I think it’s ironic that even the one called “sidebar” doesn’t show your existing sidebars 🙂
    Thanks for the vid!


  2. That’s a very interesting point, Ileane. I hadn’t thought about that. I just did a scroll up and down here and I have a few things that would go missing. Much to think about.


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