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This week, at several points in time, I would log on to my computer and notice that there was a whack of new followers on Twitter.  As I open to investigate each before adding them, I notice that there was a common thread.  They had very few members in their PLN, they had just a few Twitter messages and they mostly had referenced #brocktechies somewhere along the line.

These people were members of Zoe’s @zbpipe‘s education class at Brock University.  I’m just imagining the class where there is a gun held to their heads (figuratively, of course) that they had to create a Twitter account and that they had to follow some faceless online entity that goes by the name of @dougpete.  While these new people are not Ontario Educators just yet, I think it will be very cool that most of them will be in the next 8 months or so.

So, I do welcome them to Twitter and I really hope that they take the time and effort to realize what being connected to faceless entities like @dougpete and the other members of the Ontario Educators’ list can mean.  Of course, these connections certainly shouldn’t be limited to this list but it is a good place to start (I think…).  So many of us blog and you can read them from here.

For this Friday, I’d like to throw out a couple of challenges here…

If you are already an educator, please take a moment to reply giving your Twitter ID and a short message introducing yourself and what you feel that you offer to anyone at a Faculty of Education.

If you are a teacher candidate (whether in Zoe’s class or any other), please reply giving your Twitter ID and a short message introducing yourself and what you expect to get by making these types of online connections.

And, if you are neither of the above, chances are you’re reading this blog because of some other connection that you have to education.  Please consider sharing your Twitter ID and letting these folks know what you have to offer.

Let’s see if we can’t get some synergy going here.

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OTR Links 09/30/2011

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