Well, well, well…

I thought that all of a sudden I had become popular.  Every time, it seems, that I turn the computer on these days, I have new friends on Google Plus.  Could it be that all of a sudden I’m breaking out of my shell?

No such luck!

Google Plus now lets you share circles with others.  I’m guessing that some of my friends are sharing their circles with ohers and consequently I’m being found.  Regardless, the connections are growing and it’s giving me great new reading and ideas.  In return, I share back – typically announcements of new posts to this blog. 

I decided to share a circle of my own for anyone who is interested.  Since the beginning of Google Plus, I’ve maintained my own circle of "Ontario Educators".  It’s up around 100 members now.

If you’ve got a circle, you can share it as well.  Just select the circle you’d like to share and look for the new link "Share this circle" and you’ve done the deed.

The announcement that you’re sharing appears in your stream.  So, if you want to take advantage of my offer, go to my stream and look for the announcement.

There’s a lot of people doing this sharing now.  You just have to find them.  How?  This is Google, after all so just search for them! 

You’ll find all kinds of circles that are being shared based upon whatever organization structure the original author used.  Of course, you can refine the search, i.e. "shared this circle" education if you want to target a particular type of user.

Go ahead – make your network grow and if you’ve got a great collection, consider sharing it with others.

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OTR Links 09/29/2011