Keeping Tabs

If you’re a WordPress and Google Chrome user and are looking for a quick way to monitor your blog, then you need to check out the WordPress Checker extension.

It’s a quick installation from the Google Chrome store and just sits in your toolbar until there’s some sort of activity on your blog.  When a new reply or (gasp, piece of spam if you wish to know) comes, the icon changes and sports a badge indicating how many new things are awaiting your attention.

Click on the button and see just what’s new.

Here, I had just cleaned out my spam when a new one came along.  You can see that I’ve got two blogs on – my major public one and then my sandbox one.  No configuration is necessary other than to provide the path to your XMLRPC.

After that, it’s just great.  No more having to have a tab open or to log in/out to see if there’s any new activity.  It’s all in your status bar.  It’s a nice slick way to keep tabs on your blog without the hassle of physically opening your administration panel.

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