links for 2011-09-25


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  1. My name is Hunter Hall, I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. As a student and future educator I was able to relate and enjoy reading and watching your post. As a student I have used many times throughout middle school, high school, and college YouTube as an example to gain knowledge on a topic or project and have incorporated YouTube clips into many powerpoint presentations. I feel that YouTube is a great learning tool for students and teachers. As a future educator I would love to incorporate clips from YouTube to gain interest from my students and engage them in a fun learning environment. Showing the clip of the science experiment could encourage students to be eager about experimenting instead of it being a dull or boring event. Showing them examples of possible exciting situations could change many students feelings towards learning. I agree with you and feel that YouTube should be available for access in all classrooms. I look forward to keeping up and reading your blog!
    twitter- @hunterlyndsay
    my class blog-


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