Just a fun little post today. 

The only thing better than a good Zombie movie is a good Zombie computer game.  My latest, most favourite is Zombie Drop.  I got my copy from the Chrome Web Store and it just runs itself in the browser.  You have three worlds and each world is filled with physics based puzzles.

Your task is to eliminate the Zombie by electrocuting it.  You do this by somehow getting him on top of the electronic device while clearing every other object from the screen.  There are balloons, crates, boxes, and bundles of TNT that all have their own playing attributes.

Click on each and they disappear from the screen and gravity or flotation or explosions kick in.  By carefully, choosing which object to eliminate, you’re well on your way to eliminating the Zombie.  If you like the concept of Angry Birds, you’ll really like Zombie Drop.  Download it from the Chrome Web Store from here.  Not using Chrome browser?  Do a search here and download or play the game online.

Once you learn how each of the objects work, you’ll be interacting and throwing some body language at your computer as you work your way through the levels.

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