Pure Gold

As you know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I really like to read news.  I like to read it from a wide variety of sources and there’s nothing better first thing in the morning than to have a coffee or two and some nice reading.

Generally, I have two modes of reading.  One is standard RSS reading like we’ve done for years.  I’ve got my favourite RSS feeds brought into a number of different readers and you’ve seen most of them mentioned in this blog in the past.  Currently, I’m using Flipboard, Pulse News, ICARS, and Feedly.  Sure, the content could be brought into just about any one reader but I find it interesting to sort of bookmark my own reading by switching from reader to reader.

Then, I’ll switch over to a read of my serendipitous readers.  I have @quoteflections to thank for introducing me to that word!  I had never used it until I learned how to use it from my English teacher friend!  So, it’s off to Zite, Thoora, BracketSlash, and recently Trap!t which will be the target of a future blog post in itself.  The joy of these readers is that you never know where the next story will come from, unlike reading from an RSS feed.

Except for one classic form of news that I’ve had around for years.  It’s the Net-Gold News Group.  This has been such a powerful research source for me.  It definitely falls into the category of Serendipity since you never know what’s coming but you know that it’s good as the content is curated by real librarians.  By far and away, the content is generated by David P. Dillard from Temple University.  A huge shoutout has to go to him.  If you want the news of the day along with snippets and authorative sources for further digging, this is well worth investigating.

As I write this, the current index of all that’s available looks like this.

Just look at that random content from gardening to sports medicine to secrecy to astronomy to …

You just have no idea what is coming next.  However, the format for the content is very strictly defined so that you know exactly how to read each of the summaries.  The content has been so valued to me over the years.  I do remember dropping Mr. Dillard a message of appreciation a few years ago.  In response, he created an entry for the works that I had assembled in the course of my job.

As you can see, I just pull the RSS feed to do my regular reading.  I have it actually in the Pulse newsreader for the iPad and I can just view the content by reading the newsgroup directly from Yahoo!  The nice thing about news groups is that the content is always there so you can research backwards in time until your heart’s content.

So, if you’re looking for sources for good research content from a wide variety of resources, give Net-Gold a look.  You can read the content online without registration here.

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