My Apologies

There’s fall in the air and I decided this morning to change away from the Spring theme for the blog.  I wanted to try something darker but not black.  I really liked the theme that I chose and it worked well for this morning’s post but I didn’t think to check earlier posts.

The images that I had previously posted were wider than the new theme allowed and consequently things were a little difficult to read.  So, I’ve made another choice.  If you landed on a page that looked like a dog’s breakfast, I would invite you to revisit it with this new theme.

Another list NOT to be on!

I’m going to dedicate this post to my friend @alfredtwo.  We get to see each other periodically but stay in touch through our blogs and on Twitter.  Every now and again, we’ll find one of those lists of top ## whatevers.  Quickly, we scan the list up and down looking for each other.  99 times out of 100 we’re not on the lists but the fun is in the looking!

Recently, I found a list that neither or us would never want to be on!  It’s the Museum of Obsolete Objects!

The museum is actually a YouTube channel very creatively skinned to dig into video content from the popular video sharing service.  Use your mouse to navigate a timeline, looking for an icon noting an object.  Click to zoom in and play the related video.

So, reunite yourself to things that are obsolete like rotary telephones, photographs, quills, and more.

There’s even an option to add suggestions for future content.

Alfred, may we never make this list!

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OTR Links for 09/13/2011

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