September 11

Forever more, this date will have significant meaning to everyone.  I'm sure that bloggers everywhere will share their thoughts on this date.  I'd like to add my own.  A common theme will undoubtedly be - where were you?  I'm sure that everyone who lived it recalls it as vividly as if it happened yesterday. In … Continue reading September 11


OTR Links for 09/11/2011

Five Web-based tools that simplify collaboration | TechRepublic | Web 2.0 Tool Lists for Educators | Web 2.0 Tool Lists for Educators “Lists of web 2.0 apps which can support education” tags: Web-based tools collaboration web tool lists educators neu.Pen Collection of iPhone apps.  Some free; some pay.  Kidsdraw is an interesting app … Continue reading OTR Links for 09/11/2011