September 11

Forever more, this date will have significant meaning to everyone.  I’m sure that bloggers everywhere will share their thoughts on this date.  I’d like to add my own.  A common theme will undoubtedly be – where were you?  I’m sure that everyone who lived it recalls it as vividly as if it happened yesterday.

In my case, I was in Essex helping our IBM representative set up new computers at our professional learning centre.  The phone rang and it was my secretary who was very terse.  “Turn on the television.”  I knew from the tone in her voice that something was up and I asked which channel.  “It doesn’t matter.”  The television had previously been on WDIV, Channel 4 in Detroit and it was literally within seconds that we saw the second airplane crash into the second Trade Centre tower.

Two other things stick in my memory from that date.  Later in the day, I had to return to the offce and for some reason I took Riverside Drive which passes under the Ambassador Bridge.  I recall Windsor Police stationed all around the base of the bridge.  Even later that day as I headed home, I remember there being no aircraft in the sky – a rather unique event since flight paths in and out of Detroit Metro Airport are such that there are always planes to be seen.

We now know what happened, of course, and our world has never been the same.  The longest, friendliest border in the world is not nearly as friendly.  Flying is more of a planned event because of the extra planning.  I even had to get a passport.  My Ontario driver’s license was no longer sufficient for something as simple as going to a Detroit Tigers’ baseball game.

But, on that morning, it was bizarre.  It didn’t matter what channel that you changed to.  Every channel was reporting about the same thing.  I wonder if any other historical event has ever commanded so much news coverage.  As the 10th year anniversary of the event approaches, stories are all over the news again.

It is the volume of news reports and memories that will remain with us.  To help understand the events of that day, the Internet Archive has pulled together news from September 11 to September 17 from news channels worldwide.

The resource is entitled “Understanding 9/11” and available here.  Starting with September 11 at 8:00am ET, witness the reporting for the following week from AZT, BBC, BET, CCTV3, CNN, GLVSN, IRAQ, MCM, NEWSW, NHK, NTV, TCN, WETA, WJLA, WORLDNET, WRC, WSBK, WTTG, and WUSA.  The newsclips are divided into roughly 30 second videos and arranged on a timeline.  Hover over the indicators on the top of the timeline for a summary of what was happening at that moment.

It’s not a resource that I’m happy to share with readers of this blog but it is an important resource.  It reminds me of that day and the video and memories will never go away.

Where were you?  What are your memories?

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