The Evolution of the Web

I happened to visit a website yesterday using my Google Chrome browser when I was presented with the message "You have an unsupported browser - make sure that you are using Netscape 4 or better or Internet Explorer 6 or better.  Whoa!  What a flashback that was. I had a positive flashback to Netscape and … Continue reading The Evolution of the Web


OTR Links for 09/08/2011

ipadsineducation | ipadsineducation “Using iPads in Education” tags: ipads education APIs: What is an API in layman terms? - Quora What is an API in layman terms? What is an API (with examples please)? Different people describe it in different ways; I'm all confused. tags: apis api layman terms quora Watch episodes on … Continue reading OTR Links for 09/08/2011