Making You Smarter

Now, when a product comes out with a claim that it can make me smarter, how can I resist?  We all know I need all that I can get.  That’s the claim of a new news reader called Thoora.  The opening pages claim that Thoora will cut through the clutter, taking you to the good stuff, and thereby making you smarter.  I’m a sucker for a news reader and so I gave it a shot.

I’m a real fan of Zite on the iPad and the way that it reaches out and grabs articles for me that I would never have found if left to my own devices to find.

Thoora does the same sort of thing, only in your web browser.  You create an account and start a topic search.  Once the topic has been determined, you supply the sort of keywords or tags that would generate content for your topic.  I’ve said it before – the ability to tag is a skill that’s so valuable.


Then, sit back and let Thoora do its thing.  The site goes out and finds relevant stories based upon the keywords for your topic.  The topics are assembled into your own little reading portal.  Pick a topic and start reading.

Topics may be private or public.  I believe in public and so what I’m reading is available to anyone who cares.  At present, this is what I’m reading.  Apparently, you could subscribe to any of these as well, if you want.

I’m not sure that I’m any smarter yet, but Thoora is giving me new sources of information for my online reading.  It works on computer and portable devices which means everywhere I happen to be connected.  So far, I’m enjoying the new reading.

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