The Right Tool

…at least for me.

I had another request about my blogging routine so I thought that perhaps it was time to give a shout out to the blogging tool that I’ve settled upon.  I think that it’s ironic that, for all of my talk about taking it to the web, that I’ve settled for an application to help me blog.  That application is “Qumana” as you’ll notice in the bottom right of most of my posts.   It’s available for free for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux so those are four of my major requirements.

The environment that you blog in is pretty standard but it has everything that I need, including the ability to switch to source for those moments when you need to move a pixel here or there.

The thing that I really like, though, is the ability to just do a little brainstorming when I’m thinking about a blog entry.  I like to blog regularly and I always found it a challenge when I sat down to write.  I’d have to come up with a topic and then work my way through a post.  Now, this technique may well work with other tools but it’s become second nature to me.  Whenever I think of an idea during the course of a day, I just flip to Qumana (which is typically left open and running all the time) and type the title or concept that hit me.

As I think about it, this topic or concept might include a link or two, an image or two, a movie or two and they got tossed in there as well.  As I write this entry, my list of topics looks like this.

Once a concept becomes an entry, I click the Publish Post button and voila, it’s on its way to the blog.  If it’s just an idea, you’ll notice the paper document icon.  It’s just a work in progress.  If I’m good to go, I will schedule the post to go to the blog at 5am so that I don’t bother anyone with a post in the middle of the day and it keeps my posts sort of regular.  There are times when it doesn’t quite work out but I’m my own editor and I may miss a deadline or two!

Working this into a routine for me has been the best thing.  It keeps me on track and I no longer lose a thought or resources.  Everything is in one spot and away it goes when needed.

Powered by Qumana

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