Facebook Security

If you have ever tried to ensure that your privacy settings have been set up properly on Facebook, you know that it’s not an easy task.


It’s not just a matter of an ON/OFF – it’s a matter of a lot of ON/OFFs, pictures and photos, gaming, and then you need to understand the implications of a "friend of a friend" and just what that means.  It’s a pretty involved process.

Then, there’s the spammers and the scammers and the hackers and the lot who wish you ill.  What’s a person to do?  Recently, Facebook has tried to help the cause with the release of the document "A Guide to Facebook Security".

The document is big – 20 pages big.  Just the fact that it took that much room to cover the issues confirms that protecting yourself isn’t a simple task.  But, the authors seem to have covered it all and dig into the corners of the online service to try and help understand how to set your options and understand what it all means.

I think that Facebook is doing their best to be a responsible online provider by making this available.  For education, if you’re going to use Facebook in the classroom, this would be a terrific resource.  If you’re not using or allowing Facebook in your schools, it’s still a reference worth sharing with students and their parents during a family internet safety night.  It is an important issue that all need to understand and it’s here all in one place rather than scattered throughout the internet.

Follow the link above and grab your copy of this PDF document and take the time to read it.  You’ll be glad that you did.

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