So, what do you do for entertainment?  As I type this entry, I’m in a university dorm and there’s no television in my room.  I’ve been through my iTunes library a few thousand times so I check to see what’s on the Internet.

I decided that I would do something that I can’t do at home with my incredibly slow internet connection and that is watch a little television online.  I remember that I’d installed the Crackle Application in my Chrome browser and so decided to give it a try now that I could.

So, what’s on?

The online guide divides the content into a number of categories and like at home, I had the remote!  To be honest, there were many shows and movies that I had never heard about but I flipped into the television category and saw one of my favourites childhood shows – Bewitched.  I hadn’t seen that for years!

I was off to the races.  Like regular television entertainment, this will keep me amused until something better comes along.

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OTR Links for 08/18/2011

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