An Open Source Goldmine

I’m excited.

Like many people, I want to have it all.  While I’m working on moving most of what I do to the web, there are still times when nothing beats having the right software on your computer.  Like many people of my ilk, I work interchangeably in Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu environments.  If I had to purchase a piece of software for every task that I perform, I would be even poorer than I am now.

So, the web is a perfect solution for me.  More often than not, when that fails, I’ll turn to Open Source software.  You’ll find some incredibly talented programmers turning out some of the best software there and it’s ready for you to use.  More often that not, they’ll have compiled their wares into an executable ready to run.  At times, you may have to download the source and compile it yourself.  Often what you get when you’re done is great software.

I had run into author Cynthia Harvey a while back and quite frankly, had forgotten until I stumbled onto the article 55 Open Source Apps Transforming Education.  I read it from top to bottom, creating a to-download list as I was doing so.  I was rubbing my hands in anticipation of this goldmine when I returned to the first page and saw that the article was over a year old.  That’s not too bad in this day and age but I started to wonder if she’d updated it for this year.

It was actually pretty easy – there was a link to “More Articles” where I got a list of articles by Ms. Harvey.  Jackpot!

Not only had she updated the education list, but she’s got a number of other articles.

What the heck.  Why am I copying these individual pages — here’s a summary of articles she’s written.

If you’re searching for that elusive application, why not start with these articles and see what she has to offer?

Of particular interest to me was the list of Open Source Apps that Replace Popular Education Software.  Educators in Ontario are generally pretty well off with software licensed by the Ministry of Education through the OESS process.  The complete list can be searched on the OSAPAC website.  But, there are times where there may be a gap in your suite of software or you might be looking for titles to recommend for student home use.  This is the perfect place to start.


5 thoughts on “An Open Source Goldmine

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  2. lol, where you hit and where it cracks! I accidentally found this article by using that “recommended articles” tool for wordpress when I was writing myself an article on my blog about some opensource things, specifically the OpenDisc project. You can read my article here(I included a “related” link to your article at the end of it):

    Thanks for sharing man! I felt the shock of enthusiasm by just reading the ridiculous numbers you listed. I always enjoy opensource. This is indeed a gold mine.
    Once again, thanks for sharing :).


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