Access :: Future

I'm on a roll. In addition to the previous post with all kinds of Open Source software, I was doing my daily read of Stephen Downes' OLDaily.  There was one entry that particularly caught my eye.  It was a book that he ha written titled "Access :: Future - Practical Advice on How to Learn [...]

An Open Source Goldmine

I'm excited. Like many people, I want to have it all.  While I'm working on moving most of what I do to the web, there are still times when nothing beats having the right software on your computer.  Like many people of my ilk, I work interchangeably in Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu environments.  If I [...]

OTR Links for 08/10/2011

q2lwebsite Quest to Learn is a school for digital kids. It is a community where students learn to see the world as composed of many different kinds of systems. It is a place to play, invent, grow, and explore. tags: education gaming school learning technology q2l digital schools Important updates about App Inventor This is [...]