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I found and retweeted this link yesterday.  It’s a "makeuseof" page and claims to list the 100 Best Macintosh Applications.  Just when you think you’ve seen them all…  I was curious to see their recommendations and so scoured the list up and down.  There are some applications that I agree with, some I don’t, and some I think I’ll try on for size to see if they make my Macintosh experience better.

Given the state of the Macintosh, one needs to be aware of this resource.  From RoaringApps, it’s a community built list of applications that are not compatible with Macintosh OS 10.7.  As you’ll notice, there are some interesting applications that will have to wait before I attempt them.  So, here I go using the same categories from the list.

For the most part, I wouldn’t use the applications that are listed.  I’m not a terribly sophisticated music user with iTunes.  I’ve ripped some CD-ROMs to iTunes and bought many from the iTunes Store.  I shoot some music across the room to Apple TV but that’s about it.  I have a couple of playlists but for the most part just shuffle songs for listening pleasure.  In the category, though, I would wholeheartedly agree with Audacity.  I have downloaded Songbird and would use it if I ever tire of iTunes. 

There’s a nice choice of browsers.  Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all reside on my computer.  Missing is one of my favourite browsers though … I like and use the social integration and Chrome functionality of Rockmelt regularly. (Get the Rockmelt upgrade to resolve the quitting issue with 10.7)  Make sure you get the latest.  Of real interest to me in this category was CCleaner.  This program is run regularly on my Windows computers to get rid of the … crap … that builds up over time.  If it does the same thing for Macintosh, this will be a winner.  Alas, it doesn’t support OS 10.7 yet.

I don’t use any of them.  Since Chrome and Rockmelt have become my go-to browsers, I’ve tried to move everything that I can to the browser.  For my weather concerns, I just walk the dog or use Weather Window by Weatherbug.

It’s probably too much to expect that the FirstClass client would have made this list since you need to be running the whole deal.  My other email account is Gmail which I have pinned as a tab in my browser.  There’s no need for a notifier just scan the tab and look for the number of unread messages.

My friend @pbeens introduced me to HSRtist last summer and I’ve never looked back!  As for the other products, they’re really of little interest if you have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements on your hard drive.  I’m not quite sure where to place it but Jing is something that I use daily.  But, in the browser, you can’t beat the Aviary Feather tools in Chrome.

I’ve never heard of any of the software that was listed in this category.  I must confess that I use Google Reader on my Macintosh to read my RSS feeds.  Remember the "in the cloud" attempts?  More recently, I’m starting to get inspiration from Sparks in Google Plus.  But, if I’m into hardcore news I head to my iPad for Zite.  Wow, got way off topic here.

I’d never heard of any of these products so obviously can’t comment.  However, Mactracker might be an interesting application so that I can talk semi-intelligently with Ron, Becky, and Matt next week.

I have big agreement with some of the applications here.  Evernote, Dropbox, Wunderlist, TextWrangler, and LibreOffice are all big, powerful tools.  When you need time to think though, another one of my Macintosh friends, @aforgrave, recommended Ommwriter.  The peace and serenity is nice for writing blog posts….

Nada.  If I want to run Windows or Ubuntu, I run it on another PC.

I agree totally with Skype as a social tool.  As for a Twitter client, I’m a Seesmic type of guy.  I like that I can run Seesmic Web right in my browser or can run Seesmic Desktop as an application.  Seesmic Desktop does have problems with Lion but I deleted it, upgraded to the beta release of Silverlight and reinstalled and, knock wood, it seems to be working again.

I actually use a few of these.  MenuMeters is handy to take a look when the fan comes on and heat spews from the left side of the laptop.  When you see utilization at 100%, you know something is wrong.  Growl is awesome if you want to be notified when stuff happens.  Caffeine is a terrific app when you’re doing a presentation and you want to keep your computer alive.  Instead of 1password, I use LastPass for password and form management.

There’s a nice selection here to choose from but you can’t beat the VLC PlayerFLIP4MAC WMV is a nice helper for those times when you’re having Windows Media moments!  And, I needed the functionality of Handbrake to help out a former boss at one time.  It’s still on my hard drive.

Other than CCleaner, there’s another intriguing application that falls into the Utilities category.  It’s called Monolingual and it claims to remove the language localizations that get installed.  Once it claims compatibility with 10.7, I may give it a shot.

So, there are my thoughts on the matter.  What, in the list of the top 100, did I miss out on?  What’s your favourite Macintosh application that would make YOUR Best Application list?

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