Great Summer Blog Reading

There’s always some great reading from Ontario Educator Blogs and summer’s no exception.  Check out the recent highlights and then head over to the Livebinder site to read even more.

From Trustees and Higher Education
Joan Vinall-Cox nails it in the summation to her Canada Day post.

It’s a fascinating social media world we surf through, using all kinds of different applications for communicating with people we have all kinds of different connections with. We live in a multi-stranded communications environment.

Check out the rest of her story as she takes us down her personal path of social networking.  I’m sure that her story will inspire you to think about your own social media experiences.  It doesn’t hurt to look back and reflect as we forage ahead.  Those of us who are starting with Google Plus accounts have a unique experience of starting from scratch and building and growing as this new service matures.

From Principals, VPs, and Administration
On the heels of Joan’s post, flip over to read what Rob DeLorenzo has to say about "The Social Contexts of Learning".

Rob is concerned about the "what" and the "who" of teaching with technology.  Rob points out that there may well be another side to the whole technology use discussion that we’re missing.  There’s some good food for thought here and I hope to be able to have a discussion with him about this sometime in the future.  ECOO?

From K-12 Teachers
I think we all could change the world or at least the parts that we control if we only had the time and the incentive to do so!  Diana Maliszewski found a little time recently to tell a story about refreshing her school’s website with some 3D tours.

The result is a great story about using Photosynth to perform this refresh.  Very cool results ensued but what’s even better is how she describes how she brings a number of partners together to get it done.

From Consultants and SATs
The summer time for educators is a chance to let the mind wander about how to do things differently and more importantly, different things.  I read Mr. Ro’s post about "Do Screencasts Have a Place in the Math Classroom" and totally agree with his feeling that the answer to that question is yes.  His summary was very much like mine about the use of Screenchomp.  It’s one thing for a teacher to create content but quite another when we turn the locus of control (thanks, Peter) over to the students and let them show us how they think as they solve a problem.

So, the answer to this is absolutely yes from my perspective and I wonder why it isn’t done more.  In mathematics, there are times when things go off the rails and when you ask students how they arrived at an answer you get an "I don’t know…".  If they were recording their thinking and problem solving process, we could pinpoint precisely when then wheels started to wobble.

As you can see, there’s always some great reading from Ontario Edubloggers.  Check out these through the links embedded or head over to the Livebinder site.  And, if you’re an Ontario Edublogger yourself, please complete the form so that you can be added to this group!

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