A List I’m On

Are you tired of reading about those top 10 lists or top 100 lists?  If they keep coming out and you’re not on them, why not create your own list!

Weblist.me is such a creation.  The online application lets you create your list or lists of various things.  To test it out, I decided to create my own list – devoted to my Digital Footprint!  The list is available here.  http://weblist.me/my-digital-footprint.

Registration is free – just indicate that you’d like to create a new list – name it – and add resources to it.

It’s as simple as that.  Make your list public or private – share the URL or not and away you go.  Weblist goes through the process and creates a thumbnail for each of your resources.  You can even add a poll and let visitors vote on the resources that you’re sharing.

Now, chances are you’re not about to create your own egotistical list.  However, it might be just the tool for collection of URLs or resources on a particular topic in class.  The neat thing is that people are creating these lists, making them public and their now available for the world to see and use.  The lists are stored in categories and there’s one reserved just for education.

When resources like this are created and shared, we all win.  Check it out and be prepared to create your own or Diigo/Delicious resources away for future reference.

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1 thought on “A List I’m On

  1. The comments feature might make it easy for someone to make recommendations to the list, and I’m already thinking about how I might be able to use the voting feature with students for something like choosing their favourite web resource.

    Nice find, Doug,


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