A New Start

This was originally posted last year at this time.  I enjoyed writing it at that time and would like to take the opportunity to share it again.  I think it's just as relevant now as it was when originally posted.  I know that there are also some new readers since then.  I hope it resonates [...]

OTR Links for 08/31/2011

ColemanCountyInstitute - home This institute is planned as an opportunity for the educators of Coleman County to advance their technology skills to improve student education! We also want to welcome our guests from Comanche ISD and other organizations! tags: wiki summer institute Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog For the easiest, [...]

When Jerks Comment

A few years ago, I had purchased a piece of software to do professional development registration for my employer.  We had put it into place and I had kicked the tires and customized it so that it was unique to us and our requirements.  I was scheduled to do a demonstration to the director of [...]

OTR Links for 08/30/2011

THIS changes everything? - Arlington, VA, United States, ASCD EDge Blog post Are you a techno-constructivist? How do you envision and implement the use of technology? Scott Noon originally asked this question some ten years ago. Are you a techno-traditionalist? And should you be? I’m still asking the question today. tags: THIS VA changes arlington [...]

Making You Smarter

Now, when a product comes out with a claim that it can make me smarter, how can I resist?  We all know I need all that I can get.  That's the claim of a new news reader called Thoora.  The opening pages claim that Thoora will cut through the clutter, taking you to the good [...]

OTR Links for 08/29/2011

Girls win all categories at Google Science Fair | PRI.ORG Last month, three girls swept Google's inaugural science fair, taking first place in each age category and overall champion. Shree Bose, a 17-year-old Texas high school student, took home the grand prize for her research in ovarian cancer not only at Google's competition, but also [...]

Another Hand-in Option

I had this blog post queued and ready to go to complement the Dropbox / Dropitto.me post yesterday.  I didn't expect the reaction to the original post though.  On Twitter, a spitting match about other services arose.  It's always good to have a discussion but there's no changing some people's minds once they're firmly convinced [...]