Best Extension In a While

For the longest time, I was a real Firefox fan.  What appealed to me was not only was it a great web browser, but with all of the add-ons, you could truly make it your own personalized browser.  With the add-ons, you could actually make it do things that were unique to the way that you browsed and processed information.  It was the beginning of “life in a browser”.  I still have Firefox on all my computers and keep it up to date.  There are still some websites that work best with Firefox.

My primary browsing is done now using Google Chrome.  Its appeal is largely the same as Firefox – I can make the browser my own.  My browsing experiences are so much better the more that I enhance basic Chrome with its extensions.  In fact, my extension collection looks like this.

Can you name them all?

In this post, I want to highlight the newest extension to my collection.  It’s located on the far right and goes by the name G+me.  When you click to configure it, it sure doesn’t look like much.

However, if you’re a Google Plus user, it does so much.

I was actually getting frustrated with Google Plus.  I know that it’s new and that there are lots of new user trying things out and building their own networks and all that stuff.  But, after a while, I must admit that it was overwhelming.  Good people posting good things and then comment after comment just kept piling it on.  However, G+me changed things dramatically.

By default, Google Plus is set to what’s identified above as “expanded mode”.  That gives you everything.  A simple radio button click later and list mode changes everything.  Instead of post and reply and reply and reply and reply…., you’re presented with a stream of one line per message.

My Ontario Educator stream, for example looks manageably like this!

It’s now a piece of cake to see exactly what’s going on in that world.  I get who, time, a snippet of the message and the number of replies to the message.  And, when there’s something of import, like a posting from Peter McAsh, it’s just a matter of moving your mouse over the one liner and the complete message along with any replies.

If I could make one suggestion for a change to it, it would be to make it configurable to various circles.  There may well be smaller circles where an expanded view might be better as a default.  It’s a small thing.

Singlehandedly, this one extension has changed my whole perspective of Google Plus.  I still get the same volume of information but it’s now manageable.  If you’re a Google Plus user and you use Chrome as your browser, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.  For those big circles with lots of people and lots of posts, it really makes a difference.

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