Day Three, Messing with Spam

OK, this is the third day that I’ve been pre-occupied with spam and my blog account.  It works nicely since WordPress and Akismet collect such great statistics about everything including Spam (the bad things you don’t want in your blog) and Ham (the good things you want in your blog).  In particular, I took a look at the statistics for the first six months of 2011.

So, I decided to try another way to represent how much spam comes through this blog and what better way in this day and age than via infographic.  So, on my laptop, I fire up Adobe Photoshop to have a go at it.  So, here is what happens when good statistics meet a poor artist with an ability to mess around with Photoshop.

Anyone want to chip in for art lessons?

As I was creating this thing, I was keeping an eye on my blog and, sure enough, a piece of spam arrived and was tucked away in the spam area.  I did a little editing to mask the real source and I was able to use a web service to track back the IP address that was attached to the spam.  It may or may not resolve to the actual originating address (spoofing IP addresses is another topic) but it does make for an interesting resolve.  I still can’t get over the 1:53 ratio to show the volume.  For each legitimate reply, Akismet is catching 53 that it determines to be spam.

Thank you, everyone, who contributes to the Ham!

OTR Links for 07/27/2011

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