Spam is Winning

I used the process of cleaning out the spam from my replies on my blog as the inspiration for yesterday's blog post.  It's just plain annoying but I've got to pass along kudos to Akismet for the great job that it does keeping the nonsense from public eyes.  Spam accumulates and periodically, I go in … Continue reading Spam is Winning


OTR Links for 07/26/2011

Welcome | notevee Welcome to Notevee. Notevee makes online conversation and social review easy, simple, and fun. tags: conversation Good Noows The Good Noows Web App.  Your personal news stream. Free. tags: rss news reader tools webapps web2.0 aggregator good - The best of your Twitter network in your Inbox Get the best of your Twitter … Continue reading OTR Links for 07/26/2011