Spam is Winning

I used the process of cleaning out the spam from my replies on my blog as the inspiration for yesterday’s blog post.  It’s just plain annoying but I’ve got to pass along kudos to Akismet for the great job that it does keeping the nonsense from public eyes.  Spam accumulates and periodically, I go in and clean it out.

Even after cleaning it out, the spammers are back at it trying to get a reply to my blog.  The reason?  They want you, the blog reader, to click on a link to try to reply to them or to follow a link provided so that you go to their website where they’ll try to send a nasty payload in your direction.  Of course, the high level sophisticated user that reads this blog would never fall for that.  Thankfully, you don’t ever see it so the temptation isn’t there.

As the month of July starts to wind up, I’m wondering who is actually winning the blog wars.  So, I turned to the analytics that WordPress and Akismet makes available.  This is how it’s described.

What the heck is ham doing on my blog? I’m a vegetarian.

Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart we call ham to indicate legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side,missed spam is pretty self-explanatory, but a false positive is what it’s called when we incorrectly identify a legitimate comment as spam. (Which hopefully happens very rarely.) Also, we’re sorry about the vegetarian thing.

To date, in July 2011, the accounting says….

  • Spam – 3,576
  • Ham – 55
  • Missed Spam – 3
  • False Positive – 0

During the month of July, I’ve also had 3,361 visitors to the site.  Now, WordPress claims that it doesn’t count visits by me which is good.  (Typically, I post and then let it go only to proofread and correct 12 hours later…)  But, it is truly sad.  I have cleaned out more spam than real visitors to the blog.  3,576 to 3,361.  I find that pretty amazing.  Ham, on the other hand, is a measly 55 replies!  That is a little misleading since I announce blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and often get replies there as opposed to on the blog itself.

But, stepping away from that for a second lead to the really sad realization. I’ve put the time and effort into creating 52 unique entries this month and yet, my blog is more attractive to spammer than to real readers.  How sad is that?

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