Responses to Spammers…

It’s been a while and the spam has been piling up.  Time to reply.  Oddly, though, the email address that they provide in their responses bounces.  Well, I’ll have to do it publically then on a select few responses.

I will keep up the posts.  Thanks for the encouragement  Good luck with your handful of blogs.  I work very hard just keeping one going and enjoying the comments that people like you drop off.  I don’t know how I ever could do this with a handful.

Didn’t you just say that?

I like to think I can change the world and you just confirmed it.  Glad that I saved you from a monotonous job and lifestyle.  My blog now has purpose.

I can’t wait until your friends come along and share their wisdom.  Maybe I should work on the suggestions above so that I can be found quicker than in 6 hours.

There appears to be a run on broken spell checkers.

Now, if I could only attract the “right” visitors to read it…

Actually, there is no mystery to spell checkers.  Just let them do what they’re supposed to.  Don’t change the settings.

And with that, I gladly hit the best button on the admin panel.

Can you believe that, over the life of this blog, Akismet has caught 66,111 pieces of spam. And, I’m just kidding about the bounced email addresses.  Ain’t no way….  Or, there’s no way I’m visiting those suggested links and neither should you.

OTR Links for 07/25/2011

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