OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, Day #1

After the introductions and formalities and an opening Pecha Kucha from @peterskillen and @brendasherry, we were off and running with the OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century conference.

Day 1 featured a full day with Garfield Gini-Newman.  The one element that stuck with me throughout Garfield’s presentation was the simple question “What should a classroom in the 21st Century look like?”  Throughout the day, he touched on technology, the mind and habits of today’s students, collaborative learning, cooperative learning, and everything that it means when you’re working in a wired (wireless) universe.

As I sit to write this post, I’m tossing around the key concepts that I posted to Evernote throughout the day when I wasn’t asked for some technical support but realized instead that there are two sources that address his message better than my interrupted notetaking could.

The first is a page on the OTF website from a previous two day presentation on Critical Thinking and it’s located here.  More about his work is available on The Critical Thinking Consortium website.

That’s a first blush.

Those of us who are supporting this event commented on the participant use of computers during the session.  This group seems to be ready and able to proceed electronically.  As you’ll note in the image above, laptops were open on all of the tables from the start.  That indeed was unique when thinking back on past events.

It turned out to be a pretty good way for the group itself to self-document the day.  You can check out the Twitter feed by following the hashtag #otf21c.

Even better, @tk1ng started the group on its collaborative way with a Google Document that he opened up to the public.  It started as a simple chart to summarize “Opportunities”, “Challenges”, and “Implications”.  What happened with the group was pretty amazing — it ended up as a forum for the group to document the day.  Many of the links and references from the presentation are embedded in this document.  It also opened up our thinking to the rest of the world and some folks off-site did take advantage of it.  The document is available here.

I’m looking forward to Day 2 with Will Richardson and a panel discussion from Ontario Educators.  Should be great.  What better way to beat the heat than to enjoy some quality learning in a nicely air conditioned ballroom with some of Ontario’s finest.

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