You Are What You Tweet

Your Twitter account contains an incredible amount of information just waiting to be harvested and organized.  The service is there to help the cause.  Since it was first announced, I was eager to see how it would do what it purported and now I (and you) can! takes the data from your Twitter account and creates your own personal infographic.  Up for the challenge, I headed off to the site and completed the form to get mine.  Here I am!

Looking over this, it’s me all right.  There’s nothing there that’s not available freely by analyzing me on Twitter.  Well, maybe not the geeky grin but I do try to tweet good things rather than bad things.  I must admit that I read “likely”, “obsession”, and “circumstantial” really quickly and wondered how they knew…  But, upon closer inspection, I do like to read and share although not through a traditonal book.  If that only was an iPad…  It does look like I could do more work on being interesting and do it enthusiastically.

In addition to the single infographic, you can compare yourself (versus) against another user.  So, I elected to go head to head with my OSLA and GECDSB nemesis @zbpipe.  The results….

Looks like we’ve got Andy in common!  Apparently, Zoe is more social than I am – do my automated tweets count against me?  <grin>

Anyway, it’s an interesting little time waster.  Check it out.  I think I’ll add my personal one to my Digital Footprint page.  It is a nice summary.  What does your infographic tell the world about you?

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  1. Well. Isn’t that interesting?
    First of all, I’m thinking that the 4 criteria used for the cartoon at the top seem to have you and Zoe pegged. Although, yeah, not sure about either the book or the steaming cuppa, as I don’t recall you and Zoe tweeting exorbitant amounts about either books or coffee, respectively. (And, apparently I should know.)

    But (picks up nearby salt shaker), I wonder about those 0.65 tweets per day, Doug. Don’t you think your followers get a bit more than that, per day?
    And the follower:followee ratio is clearly only a very rough approximation — you’re clearly not exactly 1:1 as given by your stats. You’re more 1:1 and Zoe is more 2:1.

    But yeah. The geeky shirts and circuit boards you guys are holding are dead on. And I’m looking forward very much to being in the room the next time you two go head-to-head in the next Educators’ Web Tool Face-Off. Heck, I’ll even offer to drop the puck … er, … mouse? (Do you even still us a mouse?)



  2. I’m assuming the books is reference to the number of stories that I read and share online? Just what IS a book anymore these days. As for the average, I’m assuming that it means over the long haul. I think like many people the early days were spent wondering if this would ever work. Mine is a circuit board; I figured that Zoe’s would be a Livescribe thingy! As for the mouse, I must confess to using one at the moment. My computer table elevates my computer so I have an external keyboard and mouse in place.

    Thanks for the comments, Andy. Can I assume that there will be an @aforgrave infographic in the near future?


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