An Ontario Educator Circle

The more I mess around with Circles inside Google Plus, the more I realize the flexibility (and restrictions) that there are.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Google Plus is new or if the platform encourages more discussions but I’m finding that I’m losing track of important conversations very quickly.  But, I have found a way to keep track of things that I want to get back to quickly.  I hope this works and I hope that if you have a better plan, that you share it.

I have created two Circles that I plan to just put myself in.  One is called "Archived Important" and the other is "My Posts".  I’m planning to share comments that I make that I don’t want to lost track of into the "My Posts" Circle.  That should allow me to access things that I know I’ll want to get back to quickly.  On the other hand, there are posts that others make that I know that I’m going to want to follow and I’ll share them with "Archived Important".  It’s going to be a little extra work but I’m hoping that it shortens the search time for previous messages that have long since rolled off the bottom of the screen.  We’ll see, but I’m finding that the conversations so far in Google Plus are far richer than on other platforms where I don’t particularly care to follow.  In essence, this is becoming a self-constructed bookmarking scheme.  We’ll see.

In other news, it’s Friday and I like to do something for those hard blogging, hard collaborating Ontario Educators.  I’ve created a LiveBinder, a ScoopIT page, and a Twitter List in the past.  All of these have served me nicely to track and find out what folks are saying.  So, it seems natural that an Ontario Educator Circle would be in order.  The members certainly are smaller in number compared to the others at this time, but it’s a start.  Just like the Twitter List that let’s me keep track of what’s happening on Twitter, this should work just as nicely on Google Plus.

But …. there’s a big difference.  Unlike the other resources I’ve created, I can’t seem to find a way to share this Circle with anyone else.  Is there a way to do so?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.

This technique has already paid off.  I started a message stream asking if there were any others that wanted to get together face to face to learn and experiment with Google Plus features.  Lots of friends have jumped in and want to do so.  It doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to do it face to face, but colleague Peter McAsh has offered to host an Adobe Connect session for us to facilitate the learning.  At this point, there’s a great deal of interest in participating.  Hopefully, it will work for us.  At this point, we’re ready to go with a preliminary meeting to brainstorm ideas in need of a solution and we’ll move forward from there.

Never stop learning!

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  1. What happens to the items that we mark as +1 within Google+ (or G+, as many of us are calling it)? Within our own profiles, the +1 tab only seems to show the websites that have been +1’d, not the G+ posts.

    If we can get that figured out, that may be another solution to keeping track of our favourite posts.


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