When You Have That Conversation

So, yesterday, I blew off a bit about having “the conversation”.  It garnered some private thoughts which I wish had been public replies to the posting but that’s OK.

When you think about it, there have been people trying to steer the ship with the effective use of computer technology.  I emphasize the word “effective” here.  There are certainly ways of using technology that are of so little value that it’s a crime to steal educational time for their use.  Some use could be best described as arcade-like.  Some other use could be described as simply replacing pen and pencil activities with computerized ones.  There’s very little purpose to them.

As Gary Stager is fond of saying, we have the ability to stand on the shoulders of giants in this field if we choose to do so.  There are visionaries that have carved the way and shown us how the technology can truly be transformative.  We shouldn’t ignore this sage advice but, rather, should hang on the wisdom to truly make the classroom experience worthwhile.

When you have “that conversation”, there is a wonderful source of information and inspiration.  The “Daily Papert” provides a daily source of quotes to inspire and make you think about what really can be done with computer technology specifically to education.  Visit the website and subscribe to the feed.  You’ll get a very short message daily that definitely will make you think and will serve you well when you have “that conversation”.

If you’re a user of technology in the classroom, it may be one of the better things that you do for yourself.

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One comment

  1. If we use technology in our classroom, we need to be prepared for “the conversation”, which is bound to happen (and I’ve had recently). There’s numerous, unexpected people we’ll have it with – could be a colleague, parent, or even student.
    Thanks for the heads up on the “shoulders to stand on”. In addition to Stager and Papert, I include Doug Peterson on my list of educators who inspire me in what I hope and believe is the relevant use of technology in learning.


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