Ontario Educators at #ISTE11

It was a huge week of learning at the ISTE11 Conference.  Of that, there is no doubt, as I promptly had a nap after returning home.  I was totally exhausted but thoroughly excited with the things that are bouncing around in my head.  ISTE11 in Philadelphia was a great opportunity for networking with friends world-wide.  It was great to catch up with friends from the United States, Australia, Great Britain, and of course, friends from Canada.

The reception hosted by the Canadian Consulate and MindShareLearning was a great opportunity to dress up and do a lot of networking.  It was terrific to see the number of Ontario Educators who made their way to Philadelphia.  Using Animaps, I figured that the travel paths might have looked like this.

From Ontario, it was great to see…

  • @sadone
  • @susan_watt
  • @AnitaBK
  • @rebrouse
  • @brendasherry
  • @markwcarbone
  • @hneizen
  • @KentManning
  • @digitalnative
  • @peterskillen
  • @mathtech
  • @cool_mip
  • @monicaannebatac
  • @zbpipe
  • @dwtech
  • @iglooz2
  • (Linda from London)
Just to extend a bit, there were a number of other Canadian educators to give a shout-out too.
  • @Saskateach
  • @davidwees
  • @MollybMom
  • @shareski
  • @maschak
  • (guy from Newfoundland and another from Saskatchewan but didn’t get Twitter handles)
The problem with creating lists is one of omission.  I hope that I got everyone.  Please let me know if you were there and I didn’t include you above and accept my apologies.
The whole out of conference experience was put over the top by our host and guest Canadian for the event @DoReMiGirl who joined us for the International Reception and Canadian Educator Reception.
Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to meet @gcouros and @sram_socrates.  But, that opens the door to necessitate heading to another learning get together!

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