Off and Running

I’m in Philadelphia for the ISTE 2011 Conference.  It was a day where all the travel plans fell nicely into place and @sadone and I got a personal drive in a LIM-ousine by @doremigirl from the airport downtown to our hotel.  What a nice bit of local hospitality.

At the conference centre, it didn’t take long before the groups of Ontario educators found each other and started to share some great stories and get reacquainted.  I’m always impressed with how easily and smoothly this works.  Most of us sat in a row for the opening festivities and keynote address by Dr. John Medina, author of “Brain Rules”.  It was a little tough to take notes squished into place but thankfully, the hashtag of #iste11 or #iste or #iste2011.  Guess we’ve got every permutation covered!  I’ve added a search to my Flipboard application so that I can easily follow at least part of the discussion.

The big news for me from the opening ceremonies is the pending release of a white paper on technology coaching.  It will be good reading to get and take for a read.

But, it was great to meet up with some folks and a small group of us walked around in circles before stopping to enjoy supper!

This place is just ripe for some great photo opportunities.  To quote my friend Peter, I regret not bringing my good camera.  Nonetheless, I got some nice pictures from our walk.

The work of conferencing starts tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to a great deal of learning and meeting friends, old and new.

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