This Week in Ontario Edublogs

As the school year begins to wind down, Ontario Education Bloggers continue to provide us with great reads.

From K-12 Teachers
Interested in some summer reads?  Janice Robertson posts reviews and her thoughts to her blog on a regular basis.  Instead of going into a book cold, why not check out her reviews and recommendations first?



From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
Road Trip!  Recently, Marc Carbone and Becky Rouse made a trip to a kindergarten classroom to see how well the students were using their iPads.  I wonder if they felt they needed to sharpen their skills to catch up!  The post is a great summary and includes some pictures of just what the classroom looked like.  A great read, if you’re interested in walking down this path.  While you’re at Marc’s blog, read on to enjoy a tribute to retiring Ron Millar, Waterloo and Ontario Technology icon.


From Trustees and Higher Education
Lest you think that the portable world is all about iPads and iPods, Joan Vinall-Cox shares her experiences using her Galaxy Tab and, specifically, the Kindle application.  Not everything was intuitive and went smoothly, but Joan describes the trouble shooting steps she took to ensure success.  A nice read.


From Consultants and SATs
I love it when someone takes you off the beaten path and Mr. Ro did that this week.  Arrays are an important concept but how best to introduce it to students?  How about using Bitstrips for Schools?  I’ll bet you didn’t see this coming. 


I really enjoy the thoughts and other  things shared by Ontario Edubloggers.  You can check them all out at the Livebinder or sites.  And, if you’re an Ontario Edublogger and want to be added to the list, please fill out the form at the Livebinder site.


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