A Hollering Blurb

I know that that isn’t the nicest of titles but hopefully, it will get across the point that I’m going to merge two applications to come up with something pretty neat.

Yesterday, I shared the Holler Gram application that lets you put together a nice piece of signage on your iPad.  On my iPad, I have had this other application kicking around taking up space waiting for the inspiration to do something with it.  When I blogged about Holler Gram, @aforgrave immediately (or as immediately as the ISP that we both use can provide) downloaded the application and started messing around with it.  He posted his images to Twitpic.  Curious, I hopped over there to see it and noticed that there were a few others that he’d put up there.  I enjoyed them as well and thought – wouldn’t it be nice to put them all together? 

Then, it clicked in.  I had downloaded the Blurb Mobile application but hadn’t done anything with it.  Perhaps because it’s an iPhone native app I wasn’t all that inspired to find a use but I had a few Hollers that I’d accumulated.  I wonder if this is the answer.  As it turns out, it is!

So, I start the Blurb Mobile application and create a new Blurb called "My Hollers".  All of my Hollers had been screen shot captured and sitting in my Photo Gallery and so I’m ready to go.

I go to import the first Holler and Rats!  It’s landscape and I’m portrait and then I remembers that the images were full sized iPad and I’m running an iPhone application.  Well, if it’s flexible, these should not be a problem.  Turns out that it wasn’t. 

The images imported nicely and scaled to fit.  In the top right corner, there was a rotate button that put things into place.  I’m very impressed.  No loss of resolution to the image at all.  As you look around the corners, the functionality of the buttons is pretty apparent.  I resist the urge to add any audio because of the slow internet speeds that I’ve got but you can see the kid friendly tools.

As I write this, I have created an account on Blurb but am unable to upload because of connection problems.  Hopefully, later tonight or tomorrow the upload will go through and I can share the link to this little project.  If I can’t, you’re not missing much.  For my purposes, it’s just a matter of swiping through the images.

But, I’m thinking in the classroom that this could lend itself easily to a story telling activity – particularly if you have an i-device with a camera so that you could intermix Hollers and real pictures.  The process is so easy that it would nicely empower students to tell their stories with it.

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