Holler for Fun

It’s always fun to get together with colleagues and compare notes.  I had a chance to spend some time with @sadone this morning.  I’m going to lead some Professional Learning Sessions for Doug later this week and in July.  We were seriously trying to figure out how we were going to put a standard image on 20 iPads for the event.

It took a lot of noodle scratching and I think (hope) that we finally got to the bottom of it.  However, along the line we did get a little goofy.  During one of these moments of goofiness, Doug showed me an app.  It was just the right thing to break up the tension of the moment.

The app was a new one to me, called Holler Gram.  Have you seen it?  It basically turns your iPad to a quick message board.  It’s the perfect tool for getting your message across.  I’m just picturing an audience with everyone with this app installed holding it up to have their voice.  Then, to top everything, they can use Twitter to send their message to the outside world.  Read the story behind Holler Gram at the link above.

I’m just smiling thinking of the next version of “Students Today” where the signs that they hold up are actually created on an iPad with this application.  Love it.  If you have an iPad, you have to grab this.  I’ll bet there are hundreds of ways that you could use an application like this.

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  1. So, as I download Holler Gram for a bit of early morning investigation, I wonder whether you and Doug were struggling to download a common “image” or a common ‘image’ ? I assume you meant the latter, but perhaps you meant the former? (Although, I guess if you included the common “image” on the original ‘image’ then you could achieve both via the latter.)


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