Adventures in Bookmarking

I was so impressed with the iChromy browser from Diigo, that I started to poke around and see if they had developed any other software.  I can’t believe that I missed it, but as I looked around the Chrome Web Store, I found a product called Quick Note.  Just another notepad, right?  Not by a long shot.

First of all, it installs itself in the Chrome browser.  It doesn’t take a big reach to see it working this was in the Chrome Operating system as well.  (It also works as an extension to Firefox)  It appears as an application in the My Apps tab of my Incredible Startpage.  When you open the application, you’re in a document.

Nothing too fancy.  No formatting, no nothing.  So, what’s the attraction?

The attraction is that the note is posted to my Diigo account.  Now, that takes bookmarking to a new level.  Sure, Diigo is a great bookmarking tool and lets you archive things for later reference.  (See the OTR links postings)

But, these saved notes are now available from any computer connected to the internet!  I’m thinking of classroom activities where students and teachers use Diigo as a central discussion area.  Now, in addition to bookmarks sharing, you have notes sharing.  Sure, you could use any of the document sharing resources on the web but with this, it’s all in one place.

I see lots of potential with this.  I wish that I had found it earlier!


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