How Anyone’s Voice Can Change The World

I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady, Angela Maiers, at last year’s ISTE conference.  It was only for a brief moment as she was rushing off to somewhere else but I had a sense that she had a marvelous message to share with others.  Consequently, I gave her a call and invited her to be the luncheon keynote speaker at the Western RCAC Symposium last December.

Inviting her to Symposium and actually getting her there were two entirely different things.  Snow was one thing, customs another, flights grounded another but these were solvable from my hotel room in London.  I called a friend who called a friend who had a fax machine and made part of it right and my memory of a Detroit to London Shuttle Service made another part of it right.  Picking her up in snowy London with her fancy shoes was quite another!  But, to her credit, she hung in there and had faith that together, we could turn an unfortunate series of events into positive ones.  Eventually, we did and she got to share her message with the Symposium.

Angela had an opportunity to speak at one of Jeff Pulver’s 140confs.  Her talk surrounded a similar set of events as the London one only this time the setting was Chicago, Illinois.  Many of us lived it vicariously through Twitter at the time.  It was the type of story that could generate nightmares.

Instead, she turned it into a success and further to a wonderful story to be shared in 10 minutes on the stage.  She changed her original topic to one of “How Anyone’s Voice Can Change The World”.  The talk appears below.  Please take the time to enjoy it.

It’s an important message that she delivers.  You can see yourself in her shoes when the sense of panic and the world closing in on you as a deadline approaches.  And yet, it’s the faith in people that saves the day.  It’s an inspirational keeper.

It really is a good story and it did happen.  So did Angela missing her flight out of London to take her back home but she had equally as helpful friends working through it with her too!  I’m convinced that she’s just one of those people who makes good things happen wherever she goes, counting on good people.

There’s a lesson that we can all learn from this.  Angela has a great resources site at:

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