Google Chrome 12 Out

It may well be that you didn’t even know it but you Google Chrome just updated itself to version 12.  Google has promised more frequent updates and they’re being good to their word so far.

You can read all about the new release and some of the new features here.  You can’t complain about the new features!  I really like the concept of enhanced malware checking.  I’d really like to know how they do it without them tracking the sites that you’re visiting.  Anyway, it’s good reading and we’re the beneficiaries of the new upgrades.  Undoubtedly, other browsers will be pushed to keep up.

There are still three things that nag me constantly.

1)    The Flash player has difficulties with some objects.  If you scroll up and down while the objects are visible on the screen, you notice a white band across the content.

2)    Some objects float.  Where I really notice this is occasionally when I go to bookmark a website using Diigo, the bookmark window will appear but often hides behind objects embedded on the webpage.

3)   This problem actually appears on the local newspaper, WindsorStar which is part of the network.  Every now and again when text is in the same location as an image in a news column, the first couple of paragraphs are not readable.  It’s like the picture sits on top of the text.

When I run into the above issues and they become annoying, I’ll use another browser (typically Firefox or Opera) both of which render the results perfectly.  I’ve been tempted to switch browsers but I really like the way that Chrome typically handles Flash and PDF files.

I’ve reported these issues and hope that they’re fixed in a future release.  I’ve checked with a couple of Google Chrome users and they report the same issues.  If you’re reading this and know of a fix just with settings, I’d appreciate knowing. 

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