On Exhibition

Have you ever wanted to put part of your social life on exhibition?  Now you can with "The Museum of Me" from Intel.  I’ll flip ahead to the end of the story and let you know that the application is a showcase for the Intel i5 processor.  My poor ol’ Core 2 Duo on my Macintosh struggled but the moment I fired it up on my i7 powered Vaio – wow!

The application really requires a lot of brute force to make it work but the presentation is quite impressive.  You need to pass your Facebook credentials to Facebook and from there it makes your personal Museum complete with…

Title Page

Photos you’ve uploaded

Words you’ve used

Things you’ve liked

And, of course, your friends

The three dimensional tour of your museum is interesting and displayed in a very engaging fashion.  It’s worth a few minutes to see what your museum looks like.  When you’re done, just remember that you’ve given the application access to your Facebook account and you may wish to revoke that.

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