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A New Browser for iPad

It’s no surprise that I have elected to use Google Chrome as my browser of choice.  It runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and is the fastest browser without comparison.

So, it was with great interest that I read this announcement from the Diigo website:

Like Chrome? Have an iPad? Check out “iChromy” by Diigo »

I couldn’t wait and downloaded it to my iPad immediately.  And, I really like what I see.

It’s fast, Chrome fast.  The browsers that I’ve experimented with on the iPad can’t make that claim.  It’s got tabbed browsing that looks like the tabs in Chrome although you can’t shuffle them or pin them.  However, for a first release, it is pretty impressive.

It has an Omnibox just like Google Chrome so you have type a URL or do a search in the same place.  That really is sweet.  The browse also features a Reading List which saves webpages for reading when you’re not connected.  Just click on the glasses icon and the current page is tucked away for you.

The Share menu lets you tie a number of your frequently used services right into the browser.  It only took a couple of minutes to get the resources that I use frequently – Twitter, Facebook, Diigo, and Email configured and I was off.  As you’ll see below, it identifies itself as Safari for the iPad and that gives you the special theme for WordPress blogs.

But, the sweetest feature of all comes as no surprise when you decide to bookmark a website to Diigo.  If you’re using another browser, you’ll have had to go through the process of installing the special bookmark.  Not here.  It comes as no surprise that a browser developed by Diigo has the best Diigo integration.  It’s there and it’s great.  Without all of the other features, if you’re a Diigo user, you’ll want to check this out for that feature alone.

As I noted, it’s the first release.  There are lots of features in other browsers that aren’t available in iChromy.  Dropbox integration comes immediately to mind.  Perhaps that will come in future but I hope that the developers keep it light enough that it remains fast and doesn’t crash because of memory problems.  Right out of the box, it really feels right for me and I’ve made it my browser of choice until I hit the wall with it.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.

I can see this as the perfect browser for schools that are experimenting with iPads in the classroom.  Diigo, and its educational features are perfect as your browser.

You can read the full list of features in the Diigo blog.


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