I Hate Spam

Every time I open my mailbox, there’s evidence that the spammer / phishers are at work.  Even though I cleaned out my Gmail spam box this afternoon, there were 66 more that had be trapped and waiting for me this evening.  As per usual, I skim to see if anything got caught by accident and then select all before deleting them forever.  It’s a ritual that I think most of us do regularly.  Left along, Google will eventually blow them away but I like to look as there are periodically good messages that incorrectly get flagged as spam.  Repeat the process for all of the other accounts that I use and it starts to add up.

While I do have some scripts written for some of the email accounts that I use, I don’t for others as the history feature of the original mail can be helpful at times.


But, that’s not the only place that spam shows up.  Periodically, you see it in Twitter where there isn’t really any maintenance to be done – just ignore it or report the spammer and then ignore it.

It’s not just email that attracts spammers these days.  It’s your blog – heck according to the statistics, Akismet has caught 57,864 spam messages to my blog.  I used to keep my PD wiki wide open until it attracted defacers and have since tightened it up.  It’s a never ending battle.  I have discussions with people new to the electronic world all the time and they just don’t understand the scope of what’s happening.  It can be difficult to explain but I found an awesome infographic that I’ve tucked away and use at the appropriate teaching moment.  It’s called “The Evolution of Spam – An Email Marketing Infographic” and was shared on the Marketo blog.  Click the link to see it full sized.  I’ll share it below.  If you have to explain spam to students or friends, you might find it helpful.

Then, all that you have to do is explain Monty Python to the kids…

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  1. I’ve never before heard that the word “spam” comes from the Monty Python Sketch, even though I’ve actually seen that sketch before. Fascinating!


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