Ontario Educators Share

I got a message from my friend @cyndiejacobs today which was the inspiration for this post.

But, you know what, Cyndie?  That’s what the great collection of Ontario Educators do.  They share their learning constantly but what’s the best part is that they share it the moment that they learn it!

How many times do you walk into a formal staff room and people shout out “Look-I just read this!” or “Hey-I just figured this out” or “Wow, now I get it!”.  Typically, you don’t.  If there’s professional reading that’s happening, you might actually have to saunter over and actually ask what they’re reading and if there’s anything there worth sharing.  No need for that on Twitter – we’re sharing as we go.

So, this morning, I shared a really interesting post entitled “The Oldest Emoticon“.  It might not be the most earth shattering fact but I found it interesting when I read it and just wanted to throw it out and hope that others might find it of interest.  Based upon the comments and the retweets, I’d say that it was a winner.

But, I wasn’t the only one in the past couple of days.  If you’re following the Ontario Educators’ List, you would have read these:

This is but the tip of the iceberg.  Ontario Educators share all kinds of incredible things and you don’t have to wait for a prep.  They could be coming across any hour of the day or night.  That’s why I keep a column open in my Twitter browser devoted to this wonderful group of sharing individuals.  May I suggest that you do the same?

If you’re an Ontario Educator and not currently on the list, please complete the form below and you’ll be added!  We’d love to know what you’re learning and would be so interested in reading your sharing.


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